Free Standard UK Delivery - 20%* off Accessories: GIVEME20
Free Standard UK Delivery - 20%* off Accessories: GIVEME20
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Ruth Willemse

Christmas Posting Dates for 2021

Christmas is fast approaching so make sure you keep an eye on all the essential Christmas Posting Dates for 2021 so that your orders arrive in time. If you are sending gifts then we have some lovely gift wrap options and we have a new video gift message service which makes your parcel even more special.

Ruth Willemse

Do babies need slippers?

The summer is fading and kids are returning to nursery, preschool and school. Autumn is here and winter is on its way which means chilly mornings and cold evenings. How do you keep babies’ feet warm, and do they need slippers? The experts at Dotty Fish are here to answer all these questions and tell you what to look for in a pair of slippers for young children.

Melissa Scott

Award Winning Baby Shoes

A gold and two silver awards for Dotty Fish from Bizzibaby! At Dotty Fish we love hearing what our customers say about our shoes and your feedback is always valued. That is why we where so happy to be included in the Bizzibaby awards this year. Bizziebaby are all about helping you as a new and growing family to find products that help make life easier. Read on for more details of the categories and what the product testers had to say.

Ruth Willemse

How to Measure Your Baby’s Feet at Home

If 2020 taught us one thing it is that we can buy nearly anything online! While that is great on one hand it does mean that we often get things that don’t fit and need to send them back. Not so great! This is not great news for the environment and can be very frustrating, so we came up with a printable foot measuring guide that is easy to print out and tells you exactly what baby shoe size is right for your child.

Ruth Willemse

Benefits of Baby Sandals and What to Consider

The sun is out and you are buying lots of summer clothes for your baby. There are so many cute little outfits in the shops and this often includes little baby sandals but do babies need summer shoes? What do you need to consider when buying summer shoes for little ones? This blog answers these and other questions.

Ruth Willemse

What are Baby Walking Shoes?

So your little one has taken those precious first steps and you have proudly shared the video with your family. Now what? Do they need shoes all the time? What shoes do they need and what are the best things to look out for when buying these first walking shoes? This blog is here to help you answer these questions.

Melissa Scott

Remember to keep those precious little feet protected in the sun

It’s been a long time coming but the sun has finally made an appearance and now it’s important to start thinking about sun protection. It is also important to remember to protect little feet in the sun as they are often overlooked! This blog is full of useful information for parents.

Melissa Scott

Summer Outfit Inspirations for Babies and Toddlers

Looking to spruce up your child’s wardrobe ahead of summer? This blog is full of outfit inspirations for babies and toddlers this spring and summer. All these outfits complement our podiatry approved soft leather baby shoes and some even include our soft cotton bandana bibs.

Melissa Scott

Easter Family Fun

Easter is here and the weather is far more spring like which means lots of fun outside with family and friends. This blog is packed full of ideas for family fun over the weekend.

Ruth Willemse

Spring is Springing!

What a start to 2021 but the long winter is nearly over and we can start looking forward to Spring. Here are a few Dotty Fish inspirations for Spring and all the colours it brings.

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