Always arriving home missing one sock? Finding your baby happily playing, one sock on and one sock off? It’s an age old problem that parents face. So how do you keep your babies socks on? We know that babies aren’t able to regulate their temperature as well. They loose heat almost four times faster than adults so keeping them warm and toasty is important. This is especially true of their hands, feet and head. Now if only someone would tell babies that so they can stop pulling off their mittens, socks or hats!

Tips for Choosing Socks that Stay On Babies Feet

1. Choose the right size. When you are imagining your little bundle of joy it can be tempting to keep buying teeny tiny newborn socks, they are just so darn cute! The problem is that babies feet grow so quickly – in the first year a babies foot will be around half their full adult length. Buying a few pairs and sizing up as soon as needed is important. Make sure that socks don’t restrict foot movement and development. If their toes are curling up it is definitely time to get a bigger size. Also make sure they are not too tight around the ankles, you want them to stay on but not to be leaving red marks when they are taken off.

2. Make sure they are made from cotton or bamboo – something breathable. Organic cotton or bamboo are great choices when buying socks for babies. Having a pair that is comfortable on their feet will increase the chances of your baby leaving them on. Having a double cuff also means that they are harder to pull off and so might last a little longer on their feet.

3. Check if they have anti skid soles. For babies who are pulling themselves up and cruising and toddlers who are exploring a pair of durable socks with anti-slip soles are a good option. Be careful though as these often move around and they can find themselves standing on the part of the sock that doesn’t have anti-slip marks. A pair of soft sole indoor shoes might be a better option here.

    Tips and Tricks for Keeping Socks On

    Once you have bought your baby socks you still might find they are constantly coming off and you are playing a daily game of hunt for the missing sock. Below are some tips and tricks for keeping socks on.

    Footed baby grows (rompers with built-in feet) - When babies are very young it is easier to keep them in comfortable baby onesies with feet. Again be mindful that they grow quickly and you need to make sure the baby grow isn’t restricting their movement. If their feet and toes are curled up or their legs cant stretch comfortably in them it is time to size up.
      Pulling trousers over – when you start dressing them in clothes make sure to pull their trousers over the cuff of their socks. This helps stop them from kicking them off.

      Distraction – babies are naturally curious and explore everything. When they find their feet it is so adorable to watch them happily play with their toes. They will manage to pull of their socks given a chance. Like all things with babies distraction can work. Giving them a toy to hold, or distracting them with other things can mean they forget about their feet for a few minutes longer.
        Soft leather shoes or booties – a soft soled shoe made from breathable material like leather is a good option. Dotty Fish have had many emails from happy parents over the years all saying the same thing. "Oh my goodness, these are the first shoes my baby has actually left on their feet!" Our podiatry tested and approved shoes mean that you know you are buying a pair of first shoes that have the experts stamp of approval. We also test our leather to ensure that they are safe for babies and young children. We know that babies put everything in their mouths, including their feet!
          Sock-staying products – There are lots of different products out there designed to keep babies socks on. These can be helpful but read reviews and ask around, as with all things not everything works for everyone.
            Baby sleeping bags – If you are particularly worried about your baby staying warm at night then a sleeping bag or sleep sack might be a good option. They can’t kick them off during the night and so their feet stay warm.
              Baby legwarmers – no we are not going back to 80’s fashion here but baby legwarmers are perfect for keeping little legs warm, especially while in a baby carrier. They can be put on over socks thus adding an extra layer of warmth and stopping those little socks coming off. Here at Dotty Fish we have a selection of baby legwarmers in lots of colours and designs – they really are an underappreciated baby accessory!

              Do babies need socks at night?

              Experts agree that babies struggle to regulate their temperature and so it is important to keep them warm. Socks can help as long as you have a room thermometer to ensure that they are not too warm. Overheating can be very dangerous for little ones. According to The Lullaby Trust a room temperature of 16-20°C – with light bedding or a lightweight, well-fitting baby sleep bag– is comfortable and safe for sleeping babies. If you are using a sleep sack or baby grow with footsies then socks aren’t needed. If you are using a lightweight blanket that your baby kicks off then socks may help to keep them warm. 

              It's a phase. 

              Like everything with babies it will pass. If you find them constantly tugging at their socks take comfort in the fact that they are alert and exploring. One day you will have a toddler who is adamant that they are going to put their own socks on – even if it takes 15 minutes and you are already late! Welcome to parenthood.

              Happy Sock Hunting,

              The Dotty Fish Team