The advice has always been that babies don't need shoes until they start walking. So, do they need slippers? Well, the answer isn't quite so simple. Babies can struggle to regulate their temperature and so they need something to keep their head, hands and feet warm. Slippers are a great solution here as they stay on little feet. Socks are also a good option if you can get your little one to keep them on! If you have ever spent time with a wriggly baby, you know only too well how easily socks are pulled off. It seems like they only ever have one sock on and you are hunting for the other one. Blankets also get kicked off and suddenly those little toes are getting cold. Slippers that stay on are an ideal solution.

At Dotty Fish, we have worked very hard at ensuring our elasticated suede slippers are comfy and cosy but that the elastic keeps them on little feet. And the good news is that we have had feedback from lots of happy parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends who say that our slippers are the only ones that their child actually keeps on!

What to look for in a pair of Baby Slippers?

So, we have established that slippers are a great idea but when choosing a pair of slippers what do you actually look for? Here is our list of things to check:
  • Natural, breathable material - leather or suede is a great option as this allows babies feet to breathe. It also won't make them too hot.
  • Non-slip soles - our signature soft sole is made from suede. This means that they are non-slip and very flexible allowing young feet unrestricted freedom of movement. If you choose a more structured sole make sure it is still lightweight and flexible.
  • Wide toe area - as babies learn to crawl, cruise and stand up their toes spread out and you need to make sure the slippers you choose have enough room to allow for this.
  • Comfortable - slippers need to be cosy and warm and comfortable. Babies should forget that they are even there so they can just get on with the business of being a baby rather than trying to pull their slippers off all the time!
  • A good fit - babies grow surprisingly quickly and having a pair of slippers that they have outgrown will damage their natural foot development. We have a printable foot measurement tool that helps take the guess work out of getting the right size. Our slippers are a generous fit as they are designed for comfort, so you don't have to go up a size at all. We have built the wriggle room into all our slippers and shoes.
These are a few things to consider. Other factors like price, style and personal preference are also important. Overall baby slippers should be designed for little one's feet rather than a scaled down version of adult slippers! Babies, toddlers and young children are new to walking and what they wear on their feet should not hinder their development. Their feet are still growing and that needs to be kept in mind when choosing which slippers to buy.

What Should You Avoid?

Big clunky novelty slippers may look cute, but they are a nightmare to walk in - even for adults! If you have been tempted by the adorable bunny slippers with floppy ears just think about your toddler who is new to walking. Many childcare settings ask you to provide a pair of indoor slippers for children but then are horrified when parents arrive with the latest cartoon character in slipper form. Save these for when your child is older and much more confident on their feet.

Another thing to avoid is slip-on 'slider' style slippers. These require toddlers to grip the shoes with their toes and is not recommended by podiatrists. When looking at slippers and shoes for young children you want to minimise the impact of the footwear and get as close to natural walking as possible. That is why we worked with the experts when testing our shoes and slippers - we wanted to make sure our shoes were protecting babies' feet and not affecting foot development at all.

What Other Parents have to Say

"These are simply fantastic! I'm about to order my sons third pair & any I've purchased as a gift have been really well received. The generous sizing means I'm only now ordering 2-3yrs & he's 2.5. Great quality, still plenty of wear left in the sizes he's outgrown & he wears them pretty much constantly when we're indoors. Any chance of doing adult sizes please?? I'd love a pair x"

"Absolutely gorgeous slippers! My little boy loves them, great quality and keep his feet toasty warm. Generous sizing. I love them so much I have bought another pair in the bigger size to put away for when he needs them!"

"These slippers are just adorable. I wish they did them in adult size. Brilliant quality." Our suede slippers were also put through their paces by the testers at and they passed with flying colours. All our slippers have been awarded a Silver 2021 Award for Best Baby Slippers.

Are Soft Sole Slippers Suitable for Older Children?

Here at Dotty Fish, we are passionate about designing a shoe that is lightweight and flexible and allows little feet to develop as nature intended. Our slippers are no different! They are often worn for long periods of time while children are playing inside during the cold winter months. That is why we stuck to our signature Dotty Fish suede non-slip sole with our slippers. As children get older the tendency is to put them into restrictive hard bottomed shoes and we feel this really isn't always necessary, especially with slippers.

Our slippers are available in sizes from 0-6 months up to 5-6 years. We have had lots of positive feedback on these larger sizes. Children love the cosy comfort of our fleece lined slippers. Being able to tuck their feet up under them while they are curled up on a beanbag, reading stories in a tent or just running around gives them freedom of movement. This just isn't the same in a hard soled slipper. We would love to make them in larger sizes but sadly this isn't practical - although we get asked all the time!

Happy Snuggly Days,

The Dotty Fish Team