It's like you blinked, and suddenly your little baby is on the move and exploring everything. Our soft sole pre-walkers are podiatry approved and designed with growing little feet in mind. The flexible soles and lightweight design are perfect when they are trying to find their balance. Great for when they start to crawl, bottom shuffle and walk.

Baby Shoes with Non-slip Soles

Once they are crawling and getting around it's time to make sure the house is a safe environment for them. They may start of slowly but before long they will be off and you will blink and they will have found the one thing you don't want them to touch. Below are some good tips on making your house safe for exploring babies. When they start to pull themselves up and cruise around if you have hard flooring like laminate, wood or tiles it is best to make sure they are not wearing slippery socks. Something with a little bit of grip will help them not only find their balance but also stop them from sliding and slipping. Our suede soles are great for this as is a pair of grippy socks or just bare feet if it isn't too cold. 

Baby Proofing Tips

Happy Baby Proofing,
The Dotty Fish Team