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Wear dots … raise lots!!!

Here at Dotty Fish we are really excited to be partnering with the Royal National Institute of Blind People in support of their Wear dots…raise lots campaign! Wear dots… raise lots is all about putting a spotlight on the impact of braille and helping to support the 100 people in the UK that start to lose their sight every day. In the last year the total number of blind and partially sighted people using the RNIB advice services has increased by over 50 per cent. One of the ways RNIB can help people adapt is through their transcriptions of books into braille. Highlighting braille and the life changing impact it can have on children’s lives is what Wear dots…raise lots is all about.

Buy dots to help us raise lots!

For every pair of our Spotty Dotty, Navy Spotty Dotty and Dotty Fish shoes sold on our website from now until September 2017, we will make a £1 donation to RNIB’s Wear dots campaign! Our aim at Dotty Fish is to raise a total of £5,000 in donations throughout the campaign.

“I am excited to be a part of the RNIB’s Wear dots… raise lots campaign. We appreciate the work that they do in raising awareness of the great positive impact that braille can have for children with sight impairment.” – Helen Chapman, Dotty Fish

Our #weardots logo will be highlighting our three ‘Dotty’ shoes, so be sure to keep an eye out! Also, make sure to follow our blog and social media feeds throughout the year to get updates on all the fun ‘wear dots’ fundraising that’s going on as well as to see how much all you lovely customers have raised by buying our three dotty shoes!

Wearing dots to raise lots is a really fun and an easy way to help! You can get involved at work, at school or with friends to help end isolation and help us be there for blind and partially sighted people by highlighting the impact of braille this October, and throughout the year. Just visit www.rnib.org.uk/weardots, for more information and a fundraising pack!

What is braille and why does it make a difference?

“I use my fingers and I feel the dots. When I first read a book in braille I was really really excited… Wear dots… raise lots is a fabulous idea.”

Isabella, 10, retinopathy of prematurity

Braille is a reading method people who are blind or partially sighted can use to get access to the same information as everyone else. When you lose your sight reading anything can become impossible – from a cash machine screen, labels on food and drink, all the way through to a favourite book. It’s a system of six raised dots, arranged in two columns of three dots just like a domino and designed to be read by fingers. Learning braille from a young age means that blind and partially sighted children can enjoy reading for life. It helps with literacy because it’s a much better way to understand punctuation, grammar and spelling than audio.

For more information about braille and other sight loss issue, please visit www.rnib.org.uk

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