Leather baby shoes and bibs & bobs...

All Girls Footwear

Plum 'Emily' T-bar Toddler Shoes View Product Plum 'Emily' T-bar Toddler Shoes From £13.99 Charcoal Grey 'Stomp' Slip-on Toddler Shoes View Product Charcoal Grey 'Stomp' Slip-on Toddler Shoes From £13.99
Nya the Elephant View Product Nya the Elephant From £9.99
Red 'Stomp' Slip-on Toddler Shoes View Product Red 'Stomp' Slip-on Toddler Shoes From £13.99
Grey Rainbow Star View Product Grey Rainbow Star From £9.99 Soft Pink Suede Slippers View Product Soft Pink Suede Slippers From £12.99
Percy Penguin View Product Percy Penguin From £9.99 Holly the Robin View Product Holly the Robin From £9.99
Star Bright Pink Stars View Product Star Bright Pink Stars From £9.99
White Spotty Dotty View Product White Spotty Dotty From £9.99
Pink Twinkle Stars View Product Pink Twinkle Stars From £9.99 Silver Stars Grey Slippers View Product Silver Stars Grey Slippers From £13.49
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