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Gift Ideas for Christmas!

It’s only a short one today! To me, Christmas is still quite far away (even though it isn’t) and I’m not going to throw all of our festive items at you yet. Maybe next week  🙂 Today, is a blog about small gifts that are affordable and can easily be put into stockings. I’m talking about our tag blankets, though our soft leather shoes are the perfect size for stockings too!

We have three tag blankets with stars on them and stars are a big Christmas theme, if you hadn’t noticed! These blankets are: Blue and White StarsBlue Multi StarPink Stars.

Christmas Baby Comfort Tag Blankets

All of our tag blankets are handmade in England with soft cotton materials on top and fleecy materials on the back. They have a wide range of textures and can offer a lot of comfort to baby’s who love to touch and play! They are approximately 23cm x 23cm not including the 16 ribbons around the edge.

So, if you are looking for an affordable gift for a new baby in your life this Christmas, then our tag blankets are ideal! Small, lightweight and the perfect size for stockings!

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