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At Dotty Fish we love hearing from happy customers who love our shoes as much as we do. We have lots of parent bloggers who regularly review our shoes and give their honest feedback and opinions. It’s always lovely to hear how our shoes are loved by little ones and parents alike. We have a few blogs here that talk about our shoes and discuss the benefits of our soft soled leather baby and toddler shoes and why each blogger has loved them.

Mum In Brum

Review of Navy Sandals by Dotty Fish

We’re loving Harry’s new sandals – the leather is really soft and the stitching and suede sole of the shoe are of a really high quality. They’re the perfect sandal for summer and will allow his feet to breath on those warmer days (we live in hope!).

Harry seems to love them too! So much so that he wants to eat them of course!

The full blog can be read here.


Me, Him, The Dog and a Baby

Way back when I was 17 I worked for a very well-known shoe shop and I was also the assistant manager of a children’s shoe shop when I lived in Toronto. During these times I measured and fitted so many children with the perfect shoes so I know how important it is to look after children’s feet. Recently, I discovered a brand who feel the same way.

Dotty Fish have a gorgeous range of soft soled baby shoes and you can find out more about them, and their benefits below…

The full blog can be read here.

Boo Roo and Tigger Too

Another endorsement of Dotty Fish podiatry testing done together with The London Podiatry Centre. The full blog can be read here.

Ami Elizabeth

Dotty Fish Review by Ami Elizabeth

Choosing the first pair of shoes for Florence is a milestone I have been so excited about. We all have that photo of our first shoe shopping trip as a little one up against the Clarkes shop wall wearing our first ever shoes don’t we? I think my Mum still has my first pair of little hard soled patent black Mary Jane’s in which I took my first steps. I have taken a different approach to choosing her first shoes than many and instead,  have opted for a beautiful pair of soft soled slip ons designed with what babies really need in mind when it comes to keeping their feet as healthy and can be, from Dotty Fish.

You can read the full blog here.


Violet Glenton

Review of Dotty Fish Soft Leather Baby ShoesDid you know that there are correct items of footwear for babies? Neither did I. I’ve literally put Jasper whatever shoes I’ve found on the shelf. If he hasn’t worn shoes, it’s been socks. But I’ve always been a little dubious about what is the correct footwear for a baby when they do FINALLY put the weight on their feet. As Jasper is reaching the 6 month mark he is consistently pushing up onto his feet ready to wobble.

When Dotty Fish contacted me to review some of their footwear, I thought great! I can finally learn a little more about this conundrum. Read the full blog and review here.




Raw Childhood

Review of Dotty Fish by Raw Childhood

foot Development with Dotty Fish LtdI am one of those people who aren’t keen on shoes for babies; it doesn’t help their development and I don’t really see the need in them seen as they aren’t walking yet and they live in sleepsuits. Babies shoes are always one of those things that you get bought though when people find out that you’re expecting. Let’s not lie, we see those cute little shoes in the shop windows and can’t help ourselves; we buy them and then only use them once! But not Dotty Fish shoes!

Read the full blog and review here. 

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