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Top tips for keeping your little one cool this summer!

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Summer is officially here and we’re looking forward to fun filled days of sunshine, beaches and ice cream! But don’t forget to keep your little one comfortable in the heat now that the days are warmer and  longer.

We’re sharing our top tips to keep your little ones cool in the heat.

  • Dress for the weather! Make sure you keep your little ones cool but protected on hot days, our summer leggings are made from light cotton and will keep your baby cool but will also protect their little legs from the sun! We would also recommend buying a hat with a wide brim and long flap at the back to protect the delicate skin on your babies head and neck.
    Summer Leggings
  • Give them a luke warm bath! The slightly cooler than normal bath before bedtime will refresh your baby and keep them at a comfortable temperature. But make sure it’s a speedy bath – you don’t want your little one getting too chilly!
  • Air out those toes! Babies sweat twice as much as adults, so it’s key to keep them comfortable on hot days! Wearing sandals will help air get to your babies feet and keep them cool on warmer days. We offer a range of sandals in the colours Red, White, Navy, Pink, Brown and coming soon… grey!


  • Make sure you get a room thermometer! This will give you an accurate reading of how hot your babies room is. Don’t forget the temperature drops at night, so be sure to dress your baby for the whole night and not just for the evening. Check on your baby before going to bed yourself to make sure they’re not too hot or cold.
  • Trying keeping your babies room as cool as you can throughout the day, try creating a draft by opening all of the windows on the same floor and using a fan to circulate the air in the room, this will make the room more comfortable in the evening when you put your baby to bed!
  • Think of the time of day you’re taking your little one out! The hottest points of the day are usually between 11am – 3pm, it’s at this time of day the sun can do the most harm to the skin, so keep this in mind when planning outings.
  • Stay hydrated! If your baby is over 6 months old and they get bored easily of water, try alternating between very diluted fruit juice and fruit juice ice lollies throughout the day!


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