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Sun Cream, Sunhat and Sandals

Ruth Willemse

The sunshine is always lovely and its great to see babies and toddlers enjoying the outdoors. We love seeing photos and tweets about our sandals getting some wear on beaches and parks around the world. The sunshine has so many benefits number one being vitamin D but it also comes with a downside. Little ones have very sensitive skin and we need to make sure we are being sun safe while still allowing them to get all the benefits of being outside. Below is a list of some of our summer essentials for keeping babies and toddlers sun safe this summer.



A good quality one that is water resistant is essential. Have a look at the star rating on the bottle, this will help determine if it is going to protect their skin enough. You need a star rating of at least 4 to make sure it’s doing its job.  Also have a look at how to apply sun cream, it sounds straightforward but here are some common mistakes that are easy to make.UVA starrating guide

  • Not putting sun cream on at least 20 minutes before going out into the sun. It takes time for the cream to be absorbed and to start providing the protection needed.
  • Not putting on enough sunscreen. Use more than you think! About a golf ball size is needed for an adult so depending on the size of the child adjust it accordingly.
  • Not reapplying it often enough. As toddlers and babies play, swim and roll around the sun cream rubs off and it needs to be reapplied regularly. Also, bits that got missed the first time will get covered with the next application.
  • Make sure it has UVA and UVB protection – a star rating of at least 4 or 5 means it is doing its job

There are lots of different types and experts agree that it isn’t important if you use a spray, cream or aerosol. What is important is that you follow the guidelines for applying it, apply it thoroughly and reapply it regularly. And don’t be fooled by once a day products, rather reapply than run the risk of damaging delicate skin.



A sunhat… and hopefully your little one will keep it on. I know I always spent every few minutes picking it up and putting it back on! The sooner you can get babies used to wearing a hat the better. Choose a hat with a wide brim that protects their face and neck. If they are going to be playing around water having a hat that can withstand getting wet is a good idea. We love the bright colours and the ‘Whale of a Time’ theme from Frugi who make clothes designed to celebrate childhood. You can view their website here for more styles and colours.


Little feet sweat 2-3 times more than adults as they are learning to regulate their temperature so having shoes that are made from a natural, breathable material like leather is important. Also, as they are toddling around and exploring their feet need protection from hot surfaces and to stop them slipping. Our lovely sandals have a non-slip suede sole that does a brilliant job of protecting their feet while being as close to barefoot as possible.

Our full range of sandals can be seen here. They are available in navy, red, brown, grey, white and pink. We also have a wide range of soft leather shoes that complement summer wardrobes perfectly.



Cuddledry SPF50 PonchoSummer is the perfect opportunity for water play and with that comes swimwear. There are so many styles and choices when it comes to swimwear for babies and toddlers and they all look adorable. Cuddledry has a lovely SPF Poncho that I wish was around when my children were little. It is ideal for use around the paddling pool or on the beach and is super soft. This lovely hooded beach towel has the added benefit of having 50+ UV protection. For more details have a look at their website here.


Cotton Clothing

Soft Cotton Panda Baby Summer LeggingsThe advice is to avoid the sun between 11-3pm when little ones are young. While this isn’t always possible the other advice is to keep skin covered with lightweight cotton clothing. Long sleeves can help protect arms. Dotty Fish has a lovely range of bright coloured cotton leggings which are perfect for protecting little legs. When babies and toddlers are in the buggy and are out and about their legs can often take the brunt of the sun. These lovely leggings are made from breathable cotton and keep toddlers cool while in the sunshine.Soft Cotton Pig Baby Summer Leggings

They are lightweight and 3/4 length so ideal for adding an extra layer of protection during hot sunny days. They are available in Small (6-12 months), Medium (12-24 months) and Large (2-3 years).  Dotty Fish has 5 fun designs with animal print faces on the nappy area. Ladybird, Panda, Bumble Bee, Frog and Piglet are the adorable animals featured here.


Buggy Umbrella

Dotty Fish Blog - Keeping little ones cool in summerDid you know that covering a buggy or pram with a blanket or even a thin muslin can increase the temperature to dangerous levels on a warm day? It may seem like the best thing to keep babies and toddlers shaded but experts warn that the risk of overheating is real. A study conducted shows that the temperature inside a buggy on a warm day is around 22C but when a thin cover is placed over it the temperature rises to 34C in just 30minutes! After an hour this rose to 37C and that wasn’t even on a hot day!

An adjustable umbrella is a much safer option when out and about. There are lots of different variations on the market to suit every buggy style.


Now let’s hope the sun stays shining and we get some lovely sunny days to enjoy. As always feel free to tag us in any photos of what you and your little ones are doing in the sunshine. We love seeing our shoes on little feet. You can tag us on Instagram @dottyfish or tweet us at @dottyfish.

The Dotty Fish Team

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