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We have made changes to our size guide!

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We have recently decided to make a few little changes to our size guide, to make buying shoes for your little one that little bit easier! We have completely redesigned how it looks, making it more branded towards Dotty Fish!

The biggest change which we have made to our size guide is that now features a ‘length of foot’ section instead of ‘length of shoe’. We believe that this will give you a more accurate fit for your child.  When buying shoes according to our old size guide, we always said to add an extra 0.5 – 1cm on to your babies foot length for comfort and room for growth, and then pick the size according to that from our size guide. Now, we only ask for you to measure the length of your babies foot and not to add an additional 0.5 -1cm onto this. This is because our shoe sizes are no less than 1cm bigger than the foot length conversion on our new chart, so it has already been done for you!

As all babies feet vary in size, measuring the foot in CM and referring to our size guide will give you a more accurate size, rather than just going by age group or UK/EU/US foot size. Our sizes are approximate and all children’s feet are different. Sizing also depends on the width of your child’s foot, some children have narrow or wide feet, these factors can affect the size shoe you will need. All size conversions from retailers are slightly different and vary depending on the retailer, our UK, EU and US conversions are approximate and for best fit we do advise measuring your child’s foot.

WEBSITE size guide

We have updated our ‘sizing guide’ section of our website, to be sure to check that out if you want to know how to measure your children’s feet properly with our step-by-step guide! You can find our sizing guide here.


Do you think this is an easier way of measuring your children’s feet? we would love to know!

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