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The trees outside the Dotty Fish office are changing colour and the air has a definite autumnal chill to it.  It’s that perfect time of year for family walks in the woods, creating leaf collages and drinking mugs of hot chocolate.  While we all want to keep little feet warm and snug as the weather gets cooler it’s important to allow feet the freedom to wiggle and grow.

Tight, restrictive shoes are not good for tiny feet especially in the toe area. According to Dr Elizabeth Berger on Parents.com there is no evidence that wearing shoes when children start to walk increases ankle strength.  All of the movements your baby’s do with their feet help them develop all the foot muscles they need for walking and hard-soled shoes may limit the amount of movement in your child’s feet.  The 22 soft bones in a baby’s foot only finish hardening at around five years old!

At Dotty Fish we are passionate about creating shoes perfect for keeping little feet protected while ensuring that feet develop as nature intended.  Our suede soles provide lots of grip so your little one can take their first wobbly steps without slipping.  While our varied designs means you can still indulge in your love of all things cute.  After all “you can never have too many shoes” no matter what age you are!

Benefits of soft soled leather baby shoes:

  • Protect the tops of feet while crawling
  • Wide front means toes have space to wriggle
  • Leather is breathable
  • Feet are allowed to move so muscles are strengthened
  • Soft sole allows toes to grip the floor and proper balance to develop

At this lovely time of year it’s great to be outdoors enjoying the crisp autumn air, if you are out and about with your little ones we would love to see your photos.  Share them with us @dottyfish or on www.facebook.com/dottyfishltd

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