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Leather baby shoes and bibs & bobs...

Half term is fast approaching and with it comes Halloween!

Melissa Scott

Whilst this year you might not be able to host or attend any Halloween parties or want to go out door to door trick or treating, there are still plenty of family-friendly activities and games to keep your little ones happy this Halloween.

All children no matter what age love getting outside in the fresh air and taking a trip to the local pumpkin farm to pick their very own pumpkin. Our casual slip-on stomps have a flexible rubber sole and are the perfect shoe for running around the farm ensuring you pick the very best one! Or our stunning on trend moccasins are the perfect addition to your little ones autumn wardrobe.

You can then spend a cosy afternoon back indoors carving out their masterpieces. You can download pumpkin-carving stencils on your computer and your little one can then choose which one they like!  If they don’t want you to carve it they can paint it instead. Once completed your little one can proudly display it on the doorstep for everyone to see.

Even though you may not be venturing out, children will still want to dress up and do all the fun, Spooktacular things that Halloween promises, so…

Here are some great ideas for having your own party

  • You can still dress up for Halloween even if you aren’t planning on going out, maybe even give face painting a go, there are loads of tutorials on YouTube and you may even find you quite enjoy it and the kids will love your creations.
  • Maybe one of our many different designed leg warmers will compliment your little one’s outfit this year, they are also perfect for when the weather is changeable and ideal for protecting little legs while on the move.
  • Organise your own indoor treat hunt and hide little treats all around the garden or house so they can still go off and have the excitement of filling their little treat buckets with lots of lovely things.
  • Have a spooky-themed tea party with lots of scary goodies to eat and drink.
  • Create a Halloween-themed playlist so the children can dance around showing off their costumes, pumpkin decorations and Halloween treats.
  • Let the kids have a go at apple bobbing, you could also add some food dye to the mix to make the water green or red, messy I know but adds a bit more excitement.
  • Make a big bowl of cold spaghetti, mixed with some food dye and jelly and then add some little items that the children need to try and guess what they are whilst blindfolded, or if you dare try and fish out with their mouths!

Why not follow us on Pinterest for lots more Halloween craft ideas.

Happy Halloween

The Dotty Fish Team

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