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Easter Family Fun

Melissa Scott

Easter Fun

Now that we can meet up with friends and loved ones outside, there is lots of fun to be had with our little ones and big ones! Picnics in the park, sandcastles on the beach, BBQ’s and Easter Egg hunts in the garden, the list goes on. The Dotty Fish team have a few different ideas but certainly fun things to do over Easter that the whole family can enjoy.

Maybe the Easter Bunny will treat your little ones to a pair of our slip-on,  flexible rubber soled Stomps from our Shimmy Shoe range which are ideal for  running about and stomping around in the park. Or a lovely pair from our Spring collection.  Yellow is such a bright sunshine colour and our Yellow Daisy shoe is the perfect spring addition to any little girl’s wardrobe. The accents of grey and a white daisy mean that it goes with so many outfits and our pretty pink Early Bird shoe is perfect for Easter too.

For the boys, we have a range of animals that look great teamed up with denim. The cream and brown King of the Jungle Lion shoe is a great spring addition. Our dinosaur and digger soft leather shoes are always firm favourite with toddlers.


Egg Rolling

Egg Rolling – Simply boil some eggs and once cold have fun decorating them in lovely bright colours. Once dry take them to the park or somewhere hilly and from the top take it in turns to roll your egg down the hill, the winner is the one whose egg has travelled the furthest.

If you add coloured tissue paper or food dye to the water when boiling your eggs they will come out a lovely colour, you could do different colours for each member of the family so you can see who is in the lead.

Obstacle course 

Set up a simple layout in your garden or living room if the weather is bad. You can add an Easter theme by including bunny hopping or wearing bunny ears. If you’re brave enough add in some egg catching or hardboiled egg throwing at decorated tin cans, and finish off with the iconic egg and spoon race or if that’s too tricky use a plate instead. The kids will love it and maybe even the adults will do too.

You can add extra bits for older children and vary it slightly according to age but if your little ones are anything like ours they will be desperate to do exactly what older siblings and cousins can do. If the weather is really nice you can add water to the obstacle course, there is nothing more fun than carrying a little bucket or cup of water across the garden. Young children just love sand and water.

Doughnut Rope

Tie a piece of rope between two trees or have two people hold it.  Thread some ring doughnuts or iced ring biscuits onto the rope. The players have to try and eat the entire treat without it falling on the ground, no hands. Well not for the adults anyway. This one is a firm favourite with our families, the funniest is seeing tall uncles having to crouch down to toddler level to retrieve their treats. Or you could be nice and change the length of string to suite everyone!

Pin the Tail on the Bunny

Get some large pom-poms or pieces of cotton wool and attach double-sided sticky tape to each one.  You can then either play the usual game where  you have a bunny picture, blindfold each player; and take it in turns to stick the fluffy tail where they think it should go.

Or you could have lots of sticky pom-poms and stick them on each other. The one with the most pom-poms stuck to them after 3 minutes is the looser. This is sure to have little ones in fits of giggles as they chase everyone around.

Easter Treasure Hunt

Pair your little one up with an adult for an Easter themed treasure hunt. Using plastic-coloured eggs or something similar pop a written clue inside each one. The idea is to solve each of the clues which in turn will take you to the treasure which could be a big chocolate Easter Egg. For example, one clue could say “I wear these to jump in muddy puddles” meaning the next egg clue is hidden in their wellies! They will just love the excitement of getting closer and closer to the treasure.

Whatever you have planned this Easter we hope you have great fun. We love seeing your  little ones wearing their Dotty Fish shoes, please do share your photographs using the #dottyfish on InstagramFacebook or Twitter.

Happy Easter

The Dotty Fish Team


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