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Free Standard UK Delivery - 20%* off Accessories: GIVEME20
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Dotty Fish Shoes

Lauren Ellis

Ever since I dreamt of having a baby I knew I wanted to get our imaginary kid some leg-warmers, or, as they call them in the US (in what strikes me as a slightly macabre name), baby-legs. They are just so cute!

When the time finally came, and as I was preparing a Twink costume, I could not find many companies who would ship the leg warmers to Europe, even from the UK, and I was having trouble finding them here in The Netherlands. But I didn’t give up and I finally found Dotty Fish, a company who would do it. I was so happy when they arrived, and even happier at how the costume turned out.

Dotty Fish is a mom-owned company that decided to start making her own products after being unable to find good quality leather baby shoes at affordable prices. She started in 2006, and ever since the company has expanded and now offers a varied range of baby shoes, bibs, leg-warmers, leggings, tights and lovey-blankets, some that can be mix and matched with each other.

My kid is fancier than me, that’s for sure!

It was really hard to choose from all of Dotty Fish’s shoes, as they have so many fun designs!

There are shoes with dinosaurs, owls, lions, kites, giraffes, stars, dots, butterflies, birds, cranes and even reindeers, perfect for this season.

They are also very reasonably priced with prices ranging from 6.99 to 7.69 GBP depending on the size. (And the leg warmers are 2.25 GBP).

In the end I went for the Dotty Fish model, so colorful and pretty. The shoes arrived neatly packaged in a small plastic envelope that easily fit the mailbox, and they were wrapped in a pretty organza bag (the kind that I love to use for small presents or keeping jewellery).

The shoes are very well made, in soft leather, with a non-slip sole and elastics around the feet (so the baby will not take them out, apparently a baby’s favorite passtime). I ordered them in size 12-18 months so that she will be able to wear them when she starts to walk, they are still a bit large (she’s 10 months) but for the moment they will do a great job of keeping her little feet warm.

Dotty Fish sends their products worldwide, using Royal Mail or other (faster) delivery options. You can find their website here, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.


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