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Diggers Delight Shoes

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Dotty Fish guarantees quality and comfort for our children.

Dotty Fish  is a company that takes care of the feet of our little ones (…. and more!) They are really excellent for quality of materials and the wide range of colorful patterns and designs represented on their items ranging from slippers to socks, bandana bibs, leggings …..

You are spoiled for choice if you decide to see their page that is extremely easy to use. It’s divided into two main sections (MALE and FEMALE) and then by age and type of product category.

I tenderly looked at the shoes for children younger than my own… Will I be ready for a second child? Who knows…

Look at these tag bankets that are used to stimulate the sensory abilities of our children. Are they not delicious?

Baby Girls and Baby Boys Tag Blankets

All the products I have looked at on the site have in common the fact of being extremely well-crafted and are concerned for the physical and psychological comfort of the child.
In fact, in the first place they are free of chemicals and making them a very safe and reliable product.

In addition, the extreme attention to details such as colors and images makes them extremely pleasing to the eye and to the touch.

We know how difficult ordering online can be because of the measurements, but Dotty Fish make things easy!

Arm yourself with a little patience and a reference table and that’s it! Here’s the table …. very useful !!!

Dotty Fish Soft Leather Baby Shoe Size Guide Measurments

With the help of my husband, we measured the length of the foot of our son and then proceeded to order using the criterion of all mothers …. buy slightly larger because the foot grows visibly!

(Here is information on how best to measure your child’s foot!)

My son chose the shoes that he liked most from the website and they are beautiful from a visual point of view….. I won’t deny that my son took a bite into the shoes a few times which is, among other things, extremely flexible.

Below are pictures of the shoes as they arrived and what they look like on my son. They arrived in a nice package of an organza bag with the company logo positioned inside!

Grey Soft Leather Baby Boys Shoes with Yellow Digger

My son wears the shoes very gladly (which is unusual, as he normally walks around barefoot) and his feet are not at all sweaty after hours of use.

My son is moving fast and with ease … it seems like he has wings on his feet!

Product prices are great and the content and delivery is fast and safe.

Dotty Fish told me that deliveries to Italy can take up to two weeks, but this pair arrived in one week!

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