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Creating a cosy book corner for young children

Ruth Willemse

I love looking for inspiration on Pinterest and coming up with ideas for a cosy book corner but it can sometimes be a little sad looking at lots of lovely spacious book corners with their fancy coordinated bookcases and trying to figure out how I am going to recreate that in my small space. A reading space or little book corner can often seem like something you can only do with lots of space. Don’t worry, we have lots of ideas for creating a lovely little area for reading in a small space. These can often be created with little cost so read on.

Dotty Fish Blog - Creating a reading corner for young children - Freddie Fox Baby Shoes with Fox's Socks book

Book Baskets

Baby Book Gift BasketA wicker basket is perfect for putting a few books in along with a cosy blanket and a cuddly toy and you have the perfect portable book corner. Be sure to keep refreshing the books and adding a few little story props in which will help your toddler stay engaged.

You can even get the kids involved with choosing the books that go into the basket. It could be an older siblings responsibility to update the book basket. Your little one will love the thrill of being told to go and get the book basket. Little ones love carrying out little tasks and my youngest loved dragging the basket along and snuggling up to read his favourite story.

Comfy Book Corner

Reading with young children - Dotty Fish BlogA bean bag and some old pillows together with a few cuddly toys make a great little book corner nest. The perfect place to cuddle up in and hide away from the world for a few minutes. If you want to get adventurous you could always add a little canopy so if feels like a little den. There are lots of cleaver ways of storing books so they are easy to reach for young children and look stylish. A simple piece of wood can be put on the wall as a book ledge – be sure to put it at a height they can reach!

Another lovely idea is a wooden washing up stand painted in a bright colour which makes a fabulous kids book stand. For more ideas have a look at these 10 ingenious ideas.

Book Tent

Dotty Fish Blog - creating a reading corner for young children - Blast Off Rocket Soft Leather Baby ShoesA child’s love of a tent can’t quite be explained, they just love having their own little space to play in. Having a reading tent is a fab way of encouraging them to read books and adds a little magic to the whole thing. You can either create a tented reading nook or just take some pillows and books into their play tent and snuggle down to read.

Reading is all about exploring so make sure you include a few new picture books that might spark your child’s imagination. If they are all about transport why not add a space rocket to the mix and talk about heading to the moon.

A simple cardboard box can be turned into a collapsible play house which makes a perfect book corner. Here are some simple instructions but there are lots of ideas around.

Reading with Young Children

Dotty Fish Blog - Creating a reading corner for young childrenNow you have your new little reading area ready it’s time to snuggle down and share a book or two, or if your little ones are anything like mine it will be about 10! Reading it all about sharing the joy so don’t worry too much if they get distracted, interrupt, ask questions or try and skip pages. Just go with the flow. There are lots of lovely websites like Miles Kelly Publishers who have a lovely selection of children’s books for all ages and often have special offers on.

At the moment libraries are not able to open fully but many of them are offering a reserve online option. Your local library is a great place to visit. This is especially true as children start to enjoy reading – it is a much more wallet friendly option!

So put on a pair of snuggly warm slippers (sorry ours only go up to size 5-6 years) cosy up and enjoy a bit of quiet time reading a few books with your children.

Happy Reading,

The Dotty Fish Team

Reading with Toddlers - Dotty Fish Blog Reading with Toddlers - Dotty Fish Soft Leather Baby and Toddler Shoes - Blog Reading with Toddlers - Dotty Fish Blog

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