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Bright Friday Mystery Bundles

Ruth Willemse

Bright Friday is Back

Dotty Fish Soft Leather Baby and Toddler Shoes - Mystery Bundles - BlogThis year we are so excited to bring back Bright Friday, but with a twist. We are discounting some of our slippers, moccasins and shoes and including them as part of a mystery bundle. Each bundle will not only contain a pair of shoes but will also have at least 6 age and gender appropriate accessories included.

So, you could pick a Girls Slipper Bundle for a 6-12-month-old and get a pair of cosy pink slippers together with a couple of bibs, a hat, Pink Heart Leggings, knee high socks, and some Christmas Tree Legwarmers. All these products if bought separately would cost you £28.42 if you bought them at full price. But for Bright Friday you only pay £14.75! That is a huge discount of at least 48%.

What is Included?

Our office is buzzing with the thought of packing all these mystery bundles. We can’t wait to pair accessories together with our adorable shoes. Who doesn’t love a little surprise? Couple this with a huge savings and Bright Friday is going to be so much fun. You can buy as many bundles as you like and in any combination. You could buy a Boys Shoes Mystery Box for age 2-3 Years and a Girls Moccasins Mystery Box for age 6-12 Months. The concept is simple – you tell us the age and gender and which style of footwear you would like, and we do the rest. A little magic this Christmas.

We have lots and lots of different combinations so no two boxes will be completely alike. We have Knee High Fox Socks and Space Socks to include as well as our Navy Star Bandana Bibs. Our lovely warm winter leggings in all sorts of styles from Hey Diddle Diddle to Ollie Owl are being put into bundles as well as leg warmers for crawling babies to protect their legs and hats to keep them warm.

Dotty Fish Slippers with toddler accessories as part of slipper mystery bundleDotty Fish soft leather baby and toddler shoes with baby accessories as part of mystery bundleDotty Fish Stomp Shimmy Shoes with toddler accessories as part of mystery bundle

Helen’s Mega Mystery Bundle

Mega Mystery Bundle - Dotty Fish BlogIf you follow us on social media you will know that Helen, our Managing Director, is a little crazy. She has decided to create her very own Mega Mystery Bundle for £24.99. This is something she would have loved when she was shopping for her own children when they were little. This bundle will contain at least 2 different footwear choices from shoes, slippers or moccasins as well as lots and lots of accessories!

Now we say at least two pairs of shoes, but you never know – Helen may well throw in another pair of shoes. This is all about giving back to all our lovely customers, so we are being very generous in our packing. The Dotty Fish Christmas Elves will be working overtime on this!

We are looking forward to seeing lots of happy customers showing off their mystery bundle purchases. Please do tag us @dottyfish and use #dottyfish on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Happy Shopping,

The Dotty Fish Team


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