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Autumn Bakes and Crafts with Kids

Ruth Willemse

I just love Autumn – summer will always win because you simply can’t beat a long hot day of splashing in a paddling pool, eating ice-lollies and then ending it all with a BBQ. That being said, after lots of long sunny days it’s nice to see the leaves start to change colour, the chill come back in the air and the thought of getting out boots and slippers!

It’s especially nice when the sun is still shining, and the sky is still that beautiful blue. It’s the perfect time for walking in the woods and going on a nature treasure hunt. Little ones always love sticks and stones and this time of year is great for picking up leaves and getting them interested in the tiny creatures and bugs that are crawling around. Their little brains are sponges and they take everything in at this age. There is something quite magical about slowing down and watching them explore.

Autumn Bakes

Blackberries have been around for a while now and September is the perfect time to go foraging for the last of these lovely sweet fruits. Grab a bucket and head out for a little bit of blackberry picking and then bundle back inside to make a delish apple and blackberry crumble. There are lots of recipes for simple cooking with toddlers – it is messy but so much fun!

Why not embrace all things pumpkin with this yummy recipe for vegan pumpkin cupcakes? These are gluten and nut free but totally delicious. They are not as easy to make with toddlers and young children, but they make the kitchen smell amazing. For a simpler recipe why not try Bear Claws – this easy cookie recipe gets transformed with the addition of some giant buttons. Easy for little fingers to get stuck in with but not so easy to stop them eating all the buttons! For a slightly healthier option this Blueberry Oatmeal recipe is simple and full of fruity goodness with no added sugar or flour – and it is delicious! My kids love having it as an after-swimming snack!

Bear Necessity Soft Leather Baby Shoes by Dotty Fish     Tan Moccasins by Dotty Fish - Soft Leather Baby Shoes - Blog    Freddie Fox Soft Leather Baby and Toddler Shoes by Dotty Fish - Blog - Autumn crafts and baking

Autumn Crafts

Autumn Crafts Blog - Dotty Fish Soft Leather Baby and Toddler ShoesAll those walks in the woods means you come home with a buggy full of treasures that little fingers have collected. From feathers, conkers and acorns to sticks and lots and lots of leaves. Getting some paper and pva glue and letting them create a simple collage with all their treasures is an easy craft activity that allows them to get messy without too much preparation. If you are looking for something a bit more structured with more steps that looks cute on the fridge then Pinterest is the place to head.

We have the most adorable simple paper hedgehog that looks super cute. Keep in mind that the end result is not important – your little one is learning as they squidge, squash, paint, drizzle, stick, and generally make a mess. Whether they are engaged for ages or more likely you get everything prepared and they run off after 5 minutes. Usually taking with some random conker that they then proceed to put in and out of a toilet roll for half an hour! They are learning while creating and it is worth the effort! There are lots of craft ideas on Pinterest and we have a few ideas on our own page. Pop on over for some inspiration.

Snuggle up in Cosy Slippers

Grey Suede Fleece Lined Slippers for Baby and ToddlerSometimes the constantly changing weather brings with it coughs and colds. Those days when musical beds seem to be the order of the day (or night) and everyone wakes up feeling bleary eyed and jaded. These days call for snugly slippers, lots of stories and a little bit of TV. Okay who am I kidding – lots of TV!

Our fleece lined slippers are available in sizes right up to age 4-5 years – perfect for twinning tiny toes with older siblings. We have two new colours launching in early October so look out for our new pale grey and soft pink slippers. Whatever colour you choose they make great little gifts and if you are starting you Christmas shopping then these should be on your list! The non-slip suede sole means that little ones can tear around the house while their feet stay comfy and warm. Last year they were a popular addition to many Christmas Eve boxes.


Helping Toddlers gain Independence

Autumn Crafts and Baking with toddlers - Dotty Fish Soft Leather Baby Shoes - BlogSeptember meant the start of nursery, preschool and school for many children. This is often bitter sweet as a parent, we prepare them for the next step but when they take it we are left watching and trying to slow down time. It’s lovely to see them interacting with others their own age. Negotiating their way through the world making friends and connections.

When they are off to nursery or a child-minder we are teaching them to be a little more Dotty Fish Blog - Autumn Bakes - Legwarmers imageindependent. Something as simple as showing them how to put their own socks and shoes on can really make a huge difference to their self-confidence. As we rush out the door it is so easy to put them on ourselves. It can be a challenge getting out the door on time never mind watching them painstakingly put the shoe on the wrong foot. At nursery or preschool, they have more time to practice this essential skill. Dotty Fish shoes are great for helping with this. They have an elasticated ankle trim so are a manageable first step.

Our legwarmers are also great for when they are potty training! They can run around playing without needing to worry too much about lots of layers and getting trousers or leggings down. Little legs stay warm and those first few anxious days are a little easier with one less pair of trousers or tights to wash!

Gift Boxes

Dotty Fish Blog - Autumn Gift Box ImagesAutumn also means that Christmas is not too far away. If you are getting organised don’t forget we have some lovely boxed gift sets available to buy. We know that our slippers are bought as gifts for little ones and so we are sending them out in our lovely gift boxes free of charge!

Our new suede moccasins will also be sent boxed, so they arrive looking gorgeous. These adorable little Autumn shoes have been getting a lot of coverage in the press lately and will make such a lovely gift for someone. They are available in four completely neutral colours – Navy, Grey, Berry Red and Tan. This means they are ideal for both little boys or girls and make a fantastic baby shower gift. The suede is beautiful.

As always, we love hearing from you. If you want to share photos of any of your crafts or bakes then please do on our social media pages. We often announce new product launches and competitions on Facebook and Instagram.  Enjoy the sunshine and crisp autumn days. I hope you manage to grab a cuppa and a biscuit and a few minutes for yourself to just take it all in. Life is busy and that is before we even head into the ‘silly season’!

Happy Autumn Days,

The Dotty Fish Team

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